Having had an interest in working with my hands and knack for woodworking from a young age, I have recently begun to venture into the world of furniture building. Largely self-taught, I use entirely found or recycled materials to create up-cycled furniture of all kinds. The finished piece is almost never preconceived – rather, it evolves during the time it is being built.

I am happy to consider doing commissions on request. Please contact me at joshuajfarr@gmail.com or 207-890-5860 with any requests or questions. Please see below for a small sampling of recent works.

Writing Desk - Custom built commission. Built with pre-fab luan door and refinished filing cabinets with additional small storage drawers built in.DSCF1426-2-taryn
Storage Bench - Custom built commission. Hinged top for interior storage. (UNAVAILABLE)Farr-Furniture_Bench-2
Bench #2 - Built from vintage wooden bed-frame as well as natural and found objects. Includes built in sliding drawer in seat. (UNAVAILABLE)Farr-Furniture_Bench-2
Plant Stand - Built entirely from re-purposed futon frame. (UNAVAILABLE)Farr-Furniture_Bench-2
Bench #1 - Built from antique wooden bed-frame as found materials. ($180)Farr-Furniture_bench-2
Window-frame Cabinet #1  -  Built from Antique 6-pane Wood-frame window. Front swings open on left-side hinge. (UNAVAILABLE)
Knick-Knack Shelf  -  Wall-mounted shelf unit built from reclaimed pine boards. ($120)

Small Chest of Drawers  -  Dovetail Constructed Set of 10 mini-drawers. (UNAVAILABLE)